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Building More Connections In Colorado

Building More Connections in Colorado

It’s been a year and a half since Murraysmith opened an office in Louisville, Colorado, and the team has certainly been busy. We’ve not only grown from one to six people, but have also enjoyed getting to know a great group of local clients through projects like City of Louisville’s Southern Water Supply Pipeline Expansion, Water Loss Audit, and Stormwater Quality Master Plan; City of Arvada’s Lake Arbor Dredging Preliminary Design; Fort Lupton’s Water Pump House; and many more.

While we’re relatively new to Colorado, Murraysmith’s 40 years of experience in public works engineering has taught us that trust and collaboration, established through consistent communication and relationship-building, are the pillars of productive partnerships. This has already proven to be the case in Colorado, and as we look ahead at 2020, we’re excited to plug into our local communities and develop solutions for water and wastewater treatment, stormwater, and transportation. We’re pretty sure the newest addition to our Colorado team—Senior Engineer Tye Jordan—is the perfect person to help us kickstart this effort!

Tye’s focus has spanned technical oversight of water and wastewater facilities to the strategic pursuit planning for capital improvement projects. A native of Wyoming, with his most recent professional experience in Denver, Tye brings the Louisville team strong local ties and a deep connection to the region.

With 17 years of specialized experience and a knack for clear and authentic communication, Tye will be a key player in helping Murraysmith continue making inroads with our Colorado partners. A great example of how Tye reaches out to his community is through mentoring young engineers to expand their circle of influence. He takes pride in helping each of them realize and expand upon their strengths in project execution, as well as find ways to create industry connections early in their careers.

Tye brings our team a wide range of expertise including wastewater and water treatment facilities, pipelines, valve vaults, pump stations, and lift stations; biological modeling; construction administration; capacity evaluations, planning, and upgrades; and project management. An accomplished engineer with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Wyoming and a Master of Environmental Science and Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, we look forward to the leadership Tye will provide in Louisville and beyond.

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