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Meet Our Interns

Meet Our Interns

What does it mean to be invested? As a core value of our firm, it means that we are dedicated to bettering our communities – whether it be our community of employees; the communities in which we live, work, and play; or the world-wide community of those who strive to protect water resources and human health. And what better way is there to care for our communities than to invest in their future?

In previous years, Murraysmith has been honored to host several engineering student interns (who we’ve since hired on as full-time Murraysmithers), and this year we’ve gained a marketing intern for the first time! Though the summer heat has only just begun, the season of internships is winding down to close. So, before they move on to do even greater things, we’d like to introduce you to our 2019 Oregon State University CECOP interns:

Madison Margolis
Madison is a seasoned intern, having completed a previous internship in the traffic section at Lane County Public Works. Since childhood, Madison has always been curious about the science behind how and why things work the way they do. The Bird’s Nest from the 2008 Olympics was the catalyst that inspired her to dive into the A/E/C industry – she loved how the designers combined creativity with functionality!

Tristan Foster
A marketing major, Tristan has been digging into the world of professional services marketing at Murraysmith. When he isn’t practicing the art of pulling together a project proposal or perfecting his graphics skills in Adobe Illustrator, Tristan is working on his other summer project – rebuilding his gaming computer.

Catherine Soto
Catherine loves that engineering allows her to make a tangible difference in people’s daily lives through infrastructure. That, combined with her passion for math and physics, made pursuing civil engineering a no-brainer! When she isn’t learning from the best in our wastewater group, Catherine is likely off on a hike with her Labrador-mix, Cali.

We welcome interns all year long. If you would like to learn about internship opportunities at Murraysmith, contact Chelsea at

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