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Bernadel Garstecki

Engineering Designer

While studying International Studies and Spanish, Bernadel traveled to Bolivia where she experienced an incredibly rich culture, but also witnessed a lack of access to safe drinking water. This experience, coupled with her time working in nonprofits, inspired her to return to school for civil engineering and focus on water resources. Today, Bernadel passionately works to provide access to clean, reliable water to communities as part of the Murraysmith water and wastewater group.


When she isn’t helping to design treatment facilities, you can find Bernadel tending a garden, on her bike, or practicing sun salutations.

What would surprise most people about you? I lived in Chile for a year in high school and am fluent in Spanish. I also speak some German.

Career in your next life: Farmer

On your bookshelf: Maya Angelou, Isabel Allende, Calvin and Hobbes, and a lot of history books I plan on reading!

Favorite quote: “They say the secret of success is being at the right place at the right time, but since you never know when the right time is going to be, I figure the trick is to find the right place and just hang around.” – Bill Waterson

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Portland, OR

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