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Carly Husband

HR Generalist

Carly joined our team after being our HR intern during her senior year at Portland State. She has a hand in all things human resources and loves taking care of the details. She’s a wildly impressive singer and plays in a modern/classic rock band with her fiancé and a few friends from high school. 


Carly enjoys trying new things, visiting new places, being active, and having fun at work.  

What would surprise people about you? I sang with Ryan Gosling once  

Career in your next life: Professional musician  

Favorite musicians: The Killers, Lake Street Dive, anything on the 90s – 2000s Spotify station  

Indulgence: Eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food…in one sitting  

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Portland, OR


BA, Human Resource Management/Management and Leadership, Portland State University  

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