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Connie Jiang

Engineering Designer

Connie’s love of transportation engineering stems from the enjoyment she gets out of riding a new City’s public transit. Coming from a family of medical professionals, Connie is proud of her choice to become a transportation engineer and hopes that her designs can make our infrastructure safer and more efficient. 


Connie enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and checking out a new Zumba class in her spare time.  

What would surprise people about you? My Chinese name “Kangni” pronounces exactly the same as “Connie”, and it means “Healthy Girl” in Chinese.  

Indulgence: A good dessert  

Career in your next life: Food blogger  

Curious about: Travel and karma  

Hometown: Lanxi, Zhejiang Province, China  

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Boise, ID


BS, Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

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