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David Covey, PE

Engineering Designer

A Murraysmith engineering designer, David works on projects within all four of our disciplines and loves seeing the sheets of paper become physical changes in our community. He brings valuable experience designing stormwater pipes via trenchless installation methods from working with the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. David is excited about the opportunity to work on street and highway improvement projects that focus on safety, preservation, and modernization.


Outside of work, David is a member of a Cuban Salsa (Casino and Rueda) dance team in Corvallis called Rumbanana, spends most of the warm months cycling different events statewide, and travels to collect smashed souvenir pennies at state monuments and parks.

Best place to be when you aren’t working: On the road cycling

Favorite musician: AC/DC

Career in your next life: Chef

Curious about: Bigfoot

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Eugene, OR


Professional Engineer – OR


MS, Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

BS, Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

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