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Dominic Brown, PE

Senior Engineer

Dominic has provided civil engineering services on several multi-million dollar projects and understands the complexity, time, and attention to detail necessary to create a successful final product. His construction and inspection experience includes new road construction, pavement analysis, stormwater basin modeling, water system and tank designs, stormwater treatment and containment facilities, water system modeling, preliminary project planning, and estimating. Dominic has completed well over a hundred projects for clients including the Idaho Military Division, City of Meridian, City of Idaho Falls, and the YMCA.


An Idaho native, Dominic lives in Boise with his family and enjoys outdoor sports in his spare time.

What do you find most rewarding about your job? When the finished constructed product looks the same as the rendered version of what I designed

What would surprise people about you? Once I was run over by a homecoming float. It came out of nowhere… it must have been going like 1 mph.

Career in your next life: Contractor-builder/landscaper…maybe one of these days I’ll learn those skills

Best place to be when you aren’t working: A pub or brewery

On your bookshelf: A beer using a book as a coaster


Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Boise, ID


Professional Engineer – ID , WA


BS, Civil Engineering, University of Idaho

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