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Congratulations to Jeff Olson, our 2021 DJC Icon, and Phenom Under 40, Chris Young!

We are proud to announce the recognition of two amazing Murraysmith + Quincy staff—Jeff Olson, honored by the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce as a local building industry Icon, and Chris Young who was named a Phenom Under 40!

Jeff Olson, 2021 DJC Icon

For almost three decades, Jeff Olson, PE, has served as a leading bridge designer at Quincy Engineering (now Murraysmith + Quincy). As the second engineer to join the company back in 1992, Jeff played an instrumental role in establishing the firm and growing its presence across the West Coast. From co-partnering on the launch of the firm’s Salem, Oregon, office in 2004—which has since become a thriving team of 18 staff—to tackling key bridge projects across the region, Jeff’s accomplishments have made a lasting impression.

Jeff with his family.

Jeff came on with Quincy in October 1992 as a Principal Engineer and Project Manager. He has served on the Quincy Board of Directors (most recently as Chairman of the Board) and performed the role of CFO for many years. As a result of Jeff’s guidance and leadership, Quincy transformed from a staff of six bridge engineers to more than 90 employees in five offices providing surveys, planning, design and construction management on transportation, bridge, and water/wastewater projects in Oregon and California.”

–John Quincy, Quincy Engineering Founder

The Abernethy Bridge project in Oregon is just one of the many bridges Jeff has contributed to.

One of Jeff’s most distinctive qualities is the commitment to excellence he brings to his work—a trait that has consistently paid dividends for his company, colleagues, and community. In the early days of Quincy Engineering, Jeff worked on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge replacement after Loma Prieta earthquake, setting up temporary lodging in the Bay Area to be close to the project site. Years later, when the Oregon Legislature mandated that ODOT develop a seismic retrofit program for resiliency, Jeff stepped up and leveraged his significant experience as a Seismic Retrofit Specialist at Caltrans to establish retrofit design standards and outline the implications of those decisions in ODOT’s Seismic Retrofit Design Criteria. Combined, Jeff’s efforts have been key in establishing Quincy as a preeminent leader in bridge seismic retrofit and design and opening the door to countless opportunities for the firm’s talented staff.

For Jeff, mentorship and collaboration are an integral part of his daily work.

Finally, Jeff has continually shown dedication to serving the community through outstanding engineering, mentorship, and outreach. Over nearly 40 years, Jeff’s contributions have only grown in value as his technical mastery and ability to teach others has continued to progress. Under Jeff’s leadership, the Murraysmith + Quincy team has assessed, retrofitted, and designed some of the region’s most complex and challenging bridge projects. The real testament of Jeff’s leadership is in the success and excellent communication skills of the engineers he has mentored. We are incredibly proud of Jeff’s achievements and grateful for the contributions he has made to this firm and our industry. Congratulations, Jeff!

Chris Young, 2021 DJC Phenom

Chris Young radiates positivity and possibility no matter what he takes on at Murraysmith + Quincy. When he joined Murraysmith’s water team three years ago, we knew he’d play a role in the continued growth of our established reservoir discipline; he had already proven his value in his active participation on the more than 40 reservoir projects he tackled during his ten years at DN Tanks. But within the first few months of Chris joining the firm, the leadership team quickly realized his potential to make a splash well beyond the Water team. Since then, Chris has become a true trailblazer at Murraysmith + Quincy, continually creating new and innovative pathways to solve problems.

Chris and his wife, Quynh, who we miss seeing around the office now that we’re working remotely.

Drawing on deep experience in the design and construction of seismically resilient reservoirs, Chris has worked with Murraysmith + Quincy teams across multiple states to strategize on the delivery of long-term planning and seismic resilience projects for water districts and municipalities. In the first six months of 2021, he completed over 20 Risk and Resilience Assessments and Emergency Response Plan projects, ensuring that each one met the required standards by coordinating thorough reviews from experts within our company. A contributing force behind strategic marketing and pursuit positioning, Chris has recently taken on a newly developed firmwide Business Intelligence program with the purpose of increasing our firm’s market awareness. In this role he will tasked with investigating federal state and local infrastructure funding, uncovering available funding for local communities, and understanding environmental policy changes that may affect the communities we work in.

Chris’s smile was even more infectious after accepting the Pioneer Award from AWWA-PNWS.

Chris is a natural at building and investing in community. At Murraysmith + Quincy, he regularly brings people together, creating connections between individuals and groups around the firm, and is equally gifted at connecting with clients and understanding how we can positively impact their stakeholders and residents. Recognized by junior staff and his direct reports as one of our most supportive mentors, he stays connected and relays honest feedback within his teams while staying humble and open to critique.

But Chris’s commitment to community extends beyond work. Since 2009, Chris has been an active member of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA-PNWS), serving most recently as the Member Engagement and Development Committee (MEDC) Chair. Chris was the 2019 recipient of the Pioneer Award, an award presented annually to a section’s young professional exemplifying outstanding leadership. Chris was also the 2020 recipient of the John Lechner Award of Excellence for AWWA-PNWS, which recognizes a manufacturer, supplier, or consultant who greatly contributes to the success of the annual conference.

Chris in his element, sharing knowledge and helping teams continue to improve.

Chris continually seeks opportunities to take the firm to the next level, build community, and take care of his team while balancing family (in his case, three young children) and a fulfilling life outside of work. Murraysmith + Quincy is thrilled to celebrate Chris and his awesome achievements as a 2021 Phenom Under 40. Way to go, Chris!

Not only talented at juggling many projects at work, Chris is also a rockstar at balancing his three young kids on his knees.