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Staff Spotlight – Cat Madayag

Cat Madayag, our long-time senior marketing coordinator, is a staff favorite of everyone in the Rancho Cordova office. For 18 years, Cat has been committed to supporting our team and…


Staff Spotlight – Abbie McNomee

Abbie McNomee is a recent addition to Murraysmith + Quincy, making the move from Central Texas to join our growing team in our San Diego, California, office. Bringing land development…


Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day celebrates the achievements of women and raises awareness about gender equity around the world. Murraysmith + Quincy is proud to tell the stories of some of the…


Staff Spotlight – Sara Tannahill

At the end of this year, Sara Tannahill will pass her 10-year mark at Murraysmith + Quincy. That means a decade of indispensable work with our team on numerous water…

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