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Celebrating the Growth of Two Top-notch Managers!

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned over the past 20 months, it’s the immense value of strong relationships and empathetic leadership. Navigating the unprecedented twists and turns, it was leaders like Erika Schuyler and Chris Link who helped ensure the health and wellbeing of our people and our projects. As we close in on a new year, we’re proud to say each is stepping into the role of Regional Manager where they can make an even greater impact on our teams.

Erika Schuyler, Regional Manager, Puget Sound Water Team

The daughter of an architect and a lifelong lover of science, Erika Schuyler tried on several college majors (including chemistry and environmental science and regional planning) before landing on civil engineering where her math skills could be put to work saving the planet the practical way—conveying sewage to treatment plants.

After working full time as a technical engineer for many years, Erika took a step back to focus on growing her family. At the same time, she had her first opportunity to lead a project after a client specifically requested that she step in as the project manager. It wasn’t until joining Murraysmith + Quincy, however, that Erika had the chance to take her leadership skills to the next level—managing large teams and projects, winning work, and building trust with important clients around the region. With the company behind her, Erika’s talents as a leader have continued to shine.

I am really humbled by this company…I feel so empowered and so supported by everyone. We have a great team across Murraysmith + Quincy…it excites me to continue working with this team up here and giving opportunities to people that were given to me. I love that Murraymith + Quincy is giving so many women across the company the opportunity to step into significant leadership roles, because it is by example that the next generation will learn.” –Erika Schuyler

As Erika moves into her role as Puget Sound Water Regional Manager, she is excited to cultivate growth in her team by extending trust and opportunities for her staff to take on new challenges.

Chris Link, Regional Manager, Pacific Northwest Transportation Team

Growing up, Chris Link was surrounded by engineers and contractors. His older brother started a career in construction management, and many of Chris’s other family members were in the engineering and construction field. While these relationships may have led him to study civil engineering, it was his own interest in maps and geography that helped him to home in on transportation engineering.

After graduating from college, Chris began working for WSDOT where he met former Murraysmither Jim Helton who helped him get his start at the firm. Chris came to Murraysmith with the idea that he’d be working on the wastewater team—Jim’s discipline. To his surprise, on his first day he began working with Kevin Thelin and Bill Hollings on the transportation team, and he’s been at the core of the discipline ever since.

Over the past decade, Chris has played an active role in fostering the development of our transportation team. As he steps into his new role as PNW Transportation Regional Manager, Chris is excited to support our team members in growing their talents and fulfilling their potential within the region and beyond.

I have always enjoyed the projects I work on, the clients we serve, and most importantly, the people who I work with. I am excited for the opportunity to work more closely with all the offices in the PNW and continue to foster our great culture. I feel very fortunate to have been given so many growth opportunities over my career at Murraysmith + Quincy, and I want to continue to provide those same opportunities I had to the current and emerging leaders in our region.” –Chris Link