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D Avenue Improvements Recieves APWA Project of the Year Award

The City of Lake Oswego, Murraysmith, and Emery & Sons Construction Group are celebrating their collaborative success after receiving APWA Oregon Chapter’s 2019 Project of the Year Award for Transportation in the $5 Million to less than $25 Million division.

Platted in 1888, Lake Oswego’s First Addition Neighborhood is distinguished by its narrow, curbless streets without sidewalks; towering mature trees; and historic structures and gardens nestled throughout. Within this unique setting, the D Avenue Improvement Project was a landmark venture by the City to address much-needed pavement rehabilitation, pedestrian accessibility, and localized flooding, all under new stormwater management standards.

The complete and functioning project greatly enhanced pedestrian connectivity, providing a safer walking route to schools, downtown businesses, the public library, and other services in the neighborhood, while maintaining the area’s curbless aesthetic.

To improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety, Murraysmith applied traffic calming methods through extensive landscaping and the use of a meandering alignment spanning 10 blocks. Not only did the meandering alignment require vehicles to travel at slower speeds, it also allowed for improvements to navigate around mature trees and maximize space for the 43 Low Impact Development Approach (LIDA) stormwater management facilities.

Meandering roadway alignment navigates mature trees and right-of-way encroachments.

These stormwater management facilities reduce pollution of Tryon Creek and the Willamette River by managing 10.5 million gallons of stormwater runoff per year and, combined with the over 5,500 feet of new stormwater piping, alleviate localized flooding in the project area.

Completed stormwater facilities with new sidewalk and curbless design.

Early and frequent community engagement efforts allowed the team to integrate public feedback into design and enjoy a collaborative relationship with property owners throughout construction. Many neighbors applauded City staff for their efforts and the high level of service delivered throughout the project. We couldn’t ask for higher praise—congratulations team!

The project team (city, design, and construction) attends the street opening celebration which coincided with Public Works Day on May 22, 2019.

In other exciting news, Quincy Engineering’s US101 @ OR6 (Tillamook) Section Project also won an APWA Project of the Year Award for Transportation in the $25 Million to Less than $75 Million division. Read more here to learn how Quincy’s design is improving traffic congestion, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and water quality in Tillamook, Oregon.