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Industry Expert Providing Best-in-Class Cost Estimating Service

As almost anyone in engineering and construction can attest, the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the construction industry landscape, leaving clients, contractors, and consultants scrambling to deal with unprecedented volatility in the market. Supply chain disruptions have made it harder to source materials, inflating the cost and timeline to build a project compared to a year ago.

Listening to our clients, we’ve heard over and over how important it is for them to get accurate cost estimates up front, allowing them to effectively allocate funding and get critical projects done for their communities. Even for engineers who frequently lead or support cost estimates, it takes significant time and effort to update prices, especially with this market turbulence. To best serve our clients, we knew we needed to hire our first full-time cost estimating expert.

That’s where Bob Griesinger, our new water-focused Senior Cost Estimator, comes in! Bob joins us with nearly 40 years of cost estimating for domestic and international civil engineering-related construction projects under his belt. With deep experience in utilities, pump stations, water storage, treatment facilities, and more, he’s perfectly matched to support estimating on the type of projects we’re known for.

Having a dedicated cost-estimating specialist with the most up-to-date knowledge in-house will allow us to provide reviews of estimates, where warranted, and proactively identify and address changes to material and labor costs. Bob will also lead a small team to develop cost-estimating tools to be utilized firmwide, as well as provide mentorship and training for our team. To start, he will focus his efforts on our water/wastewater discipline. Beyond just sharpening the accuracy of our cost estimates, Bob will be a resource to guide our clients in understanding the impacts to their respective capital improvement projects—his expertise will be made available to our client’s Utility Boards and City Councils, when desired.

We’re excited to see the positive impact Bob will have on our team, not only strengthening our technical service capabilities but also reinforcing our culture—we already know him to be a helpful, collaborative, and all-around great teammate.