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Mike Bertram Unifies Our Transportation Group as Senior Vice President

Murraysmith + Quincy kicked off the new year with some big changes. We added strategic planning and communication to our suite of services with the addition of Barney & Worth. And by partnering with CONSOR engineers, our team grew to over 1,200 professionals across the United States, with services true to our original mission and locations that expand our reach. At the root of this recent change is our never-ending drive to create avenues for our team to learn and provide even better service to our clients.

Transportation design and construction management work across the Western United States makes up over half of the firm’s yearly revenue.

With transportation planning and design being a major focus at CONSOR as well, it will continue to be at the core of what we do. That’s where Mike Bertram comes in—he is joining Murraysmith + Quincy as a Senior Vice President to lead our transportation group. His vision? Unite efforts across our West Coast regions to further fortify our expertise and guide our strategic business goals.

Mike comes to Murraysmith + Quincy with 34 years of transportation engineering experience working primarily for consulting firms. Throughout the course of his career, his role evolved from a boots-on-the-ground project engineer to a central figure guiding firmwide processes and business decisions for diverse teams of 100+ members.

What Mike brings to the table is a particular knack for leading interdisciplinary teams and managing complex programs and projects for DOTs. With projects mainly in Oregon and Arizona, Mike’s experience ranges from the early planning and environmental clearance stages of a project all the way through final design and construction administration/engineering. Over the past few years, he has been managing two of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s largest planning/final design projects within the Portland Metro area. No matter the project, Mike tackles it by first establishing the vision for a successful project and leading his team to achieve it.

He will employ this same approach to lead our transportation group, working collaboratively with our client service managers and project managers to carefully track performance metrics, assessing our progress toward reaching a strategic vision. If we know anything about Mike, it’s that he leads with a sense of humor and true passion for his team and the work they do on behalf of our clients.

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