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Murraysmith Makes a Splash at the 2017 AWWA Spring Conference

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We are attending the 2017 Pacific Northwest Section AWWA Spring Conference in Kennewick, Washington! We have a lot to look forward to, including nine presentations by Murraysmith engineers, a booth revealing our new brand, and a hospitality suite that we are hosting Thursday night at 7pm at the convention center. Murraysmith is moving forward with a new name and logo but partying one last time like it’s 1989 with an 80s theme night in our suite.

Don’t miss out on these great presentations:

  • A Tale of Two Wells: Reconstruction of Two Hand Dug Caisson Well Stations, Presented by Joe Foote
  • Criticality Analysis: The Important Pipes Below, Presented by Joe Foote
  • Making the Most of Your CIP Budget: Lakewood Water District’s Approach To Annual Water Main Replacements & Rehabilitations, Presented by Marshall Meyer
  • When the Drought Takes Your Supply Out: Quickly Designing and Constructing Pump Stations with Existing Equipment to Address a Water Supply Shortage, Presented by Marshall Meyer
  • Electric Water: PWB/Lucid Energy Hydroelectric Project, Presented by Matt Hickey
  • Pocatello Master Planning: Balancing System Pressures and Fire Protection, Presented by David Stangel
  • Automated Meter Reading Systems: Broken to Fixed, Presented by Mark Cummings
  • These Customers Won’t Go Thirsty: Improving Water System Operations and Redundancy with a Replacement Water Pump Station and Seismic Upgrades, Presented by Daphne Marcyan
  • Seismic Upgrade to a Reservoir Foundation: Managing the Project Hurdles to Completion, Presented by West Slope Water District and Lael Alderman

Stop by our booth and say hello, enjoy a presentation from our talented engineers, and moonwalk your way over to 80s night at our hospitality suite. We look forward to seeing you!