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APWA 2017 Project of the Year

We are excited to announce the Kane Drive Washout Emergency Repair project was named a 2017 Public Works Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA). This project is being honored in the Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair, less than $5 million category.

Congratulations to the project team, including the Murraysmith engineers, the City of Gresham, and MEI Group for their great work on this emergency repair project!

A 100-year storm hit Gresham, Oregon and led to a wash out of the soil above a culvert and below the roadway, creating a large chasm approximately 140-feet-long, 40-feet-wide, and 15-feet-deep in the middle of Kane Drive, one of Gresham’s busiest arterials and freight corridors. Murraysmith worked quickly with the City and the contractor to begin repairs and reduce impact to the community, reopening the road in just one month’s time.

This project was also recognized by the APWA Oregon chapter as a 2016 Project of the Year.