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Andrew Giesy, PE

Civil Engineer

Andrew is fascinated by being able to solve complex problems that occur in our daily lives. He is our resident expert on asphalt, MUTCD design compliance, signing, and striping design, bringing more than a decade of experience working on a variety of utility and roadway infrastructure projects throughout the Portland Metro area. He has served in a variety of planning, design, and construction engineering roles on street and highway improvement projects that include modernization, preservation, safety, and transportation enhancements.


When he’s not engineering, he’s spending time with his wife, two kids, and enjoying his favorite sports teams: the Blazers, 49ers, Red Sox, and SF Giants.

Best place to be when you aren’t working: Home with the family

Favorite musician(s): Portland musician and fellow Murraysmith employee, Lael Alderman, and anything hip-hop

Career in your next life: Venture capitalist

Curious about: How things work and why

Favorite quote: “A Festivus for the rest of us” – Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) of Seinfeld

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Portland, OR


Professional Engineer – OR


BS, Civil Engineering, Portland State University