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Briana Uber

Marketing Coordinator

Passionate about protecting wild landscapes, Briana studied environmental sciences at Oregon State University and enjoys journaling about her outdoor experiences. After seven months in a newsroom as an intern reporter, Briana joined our deadline-crushing marketing team to help win projects that shape Murraysmith’s story, and build on the narratives of the communities we serve.  


Briana enjoys learning to sail with her husband, backpacking in wild places, skiing, or curling up with a book and her cats.   

What would surprise people about you? I’ve been trampled by a jersey cow —  but I saved my glasses and made away with only one bruise! And I still like cows.   

Career in your next life: Professional rock climber  

Favorite food/beverage: Wisconsin cheese and maple syrup (not as beverage)  

Curious about: Anything that has a good story, especially if it’s natural history.

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Portland, OR


BS, Environmental Sciences, Oregon State University