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Justin Luce, PE

Civil Engineer

Justin is a key water resources engineer at Murraysmith specializing in transmission and distribution mains design and construction management. He has extensive experience with projects featuring trenchless pipeline crossings under rivers, wetlands, and highways (auger bore, HDD, etc.), as well as experience designing welded steel and ductile iron water mains for high internal pressures.  Justin finds engineering rewarding because it provides a measurable benefit for the community by helping to develop costsaving solutions to complex infrastructure issues.


A native Portlander, Justin is a lifelong Blazers fan who bleeds black and red.

Thing you most dislike: Sitting in traffic

Indulgence: BBQ and beer!

Career in your next life: Archaeologist/historian

Favorite musical genre: From many genres, favorites are R&B/soul, classic rock, and blues

What would surprise people about you? Threw a “no-hitter” in Little League and my team did not win the game. Obviously, not a perfect game.


Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Portland, OR


Professional Engineer – OR


BS, Civil Engineering, Portland State University

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