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Kiana Heitzman

Engineering Designer

While attending community college classes during her junior year of high school, Kiana discovered her love for math and problem solving. Engineering has been a perfect fit for her ever since. Kiana’s enthusiasm and excellent work ethic is an asset to her team, who counts on her to help complete high-quality water and wastewater infrastructure projects.


Kiana was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, which inspired her everlasting love for surfing, sailing, and hiking. When she has free time, she spends it out on the water or summiting a mountain.

How does great engineering work? Teamwork and time management

What would surprise people about you? I lived on a sailboat with my family for five years!

Career in your next life: Surfing instructor

Favorite food: Poke bowls

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Everett, WA


BS, Civil Engineering, George Fox University

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