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Linda Scroggs, PE

Principal Engineer

Though Linda began her engineering career with a special emphasis in wastewater (she loves the biology involved), she’s found herself managing and designing an equally impressive number of potable water projects. With no two projects ever alike, Linda loves that she is always learning something new and enjoys her opportunities to mentor junior staff.


When she isn’t gathering her team to put ideas to the plan sheets, Linda is probably hanging out with her grandkids.

What are you passionate about? Understanding different cultures and finding out how much we really have in common!

Career in your next life: Cattle rancher

What would surprise people about you?  I’ve been a competitive ocean sailboat racer  

Hometown: Los Alamitos, CA

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Rancho Cordova, CA


Professional Engineer – CA & OR


MS, Civil Engineering, California State University – Sacramento

BA, Geography, University of California – Davis