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Mushtaque Silat

Senior Software Architect

With years of experience at companies in the software industry like Microsoft, Ernst & Young, and Onyx, Mushtaque has a wealth of knowledge about software tools, systems, and solutions development. Mushtaque feels especially proud knowing that his work benefits his peers by creating software tools and solutions that increase efficiency and improve project quality.


Mushtaque is from Karachi, Pakistan, but he has called himself a Seattleite since 1985. A man with many hobbies, Mushtaque finds time to hike, climb, read, and take photos.

How does great engineering work? When everything falls into place just as you planned it.

Best place to be when you aren’t working: Mountains, of course!

Career in your next life: Adventure photographer

On your bookshelf: Lots of Urdu poetry, philosophy, and science books

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Office Location

Bellevue, WA

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