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Patrick Davis

Engineering Designer

Patrick can’t imagine a more satisfying career than civil engineering. He’s a Murraysmith engineering designer who focuses on water and wastewater infrastructure in and around Portland. He loves solving problems with his team members and seeing that his solutions have a positive effect on his community.


Patrick is a Portland native and a valuable member of his pub quiz team “Always a Bridesmaid”, aptly named because they never win.

Best place to be when you aren’t working: Hobnobbing at The HobNob with old friends

On your bookshelf: Lots of Christopher Moor and Bill Bryson

Indulgence: Watching fast cars go around a circuit

Favorite musicians: Herbie Hancock and Ben Harper

Murraysmith Since


Office Location

Portland, OR


BS, Civil Engineering, Oregon State University

ME, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Portland State University

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