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Get to Know Our Treatment Group

While many non-essential facets of human life have slowed to a halt over the past months, certain aspects of modern society need continuous forward progress, particularly those that impact the health and safety of our communities. The planning, design, and construction of wastewater and water treatment plants (WWTP/WTP)—those necessary facilities that ensure high-quality, clean water in our environment and homes—are among these. So, it’s business as usual for our treatment team!

1) Water Treatment Plant No. 2 Improvements, PUD No. 1 of Whatcom County, WA; 2) WWTP Primary Sludge Heating and Cooling, Clean Water Services, OR; 3) WWTP, Pasco, WA; 4) WWTP, Richland, WA

Murraysmith’s roots in treatment go back to the early 1980s, when Hal Murray and Phil Smith took on the firm’s first WTP projects in Roseburg, Oregon. Since those humble beginnings, the treatment team has grown exponentially and we now work with clients across five states to provide planning, design, and construction services for their WTPs and WWTPs. Presently, we’re in the process of planning, designing, and constructing over $175M in wastewater and water treatment upgrades!

Forty years of experience working on treatment projects has taught us that each community’s WTP and WWTP presents different needs and challenges—everything from integrating with existing infrastructure, to designing for O&M and regulatory requirements, to right-sizing projects based on the number of customers served. We’ve grown a comprehensive team of treatment professionals who work together across a wide geographical range to provide just what our clients need, wherever they need it (yep—these folks were virtual meetings wizards long before COVID prompted the rest of the world to get onboard).

Our Team Philosophy

LET’S MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE: We choose a project manager (PM) who relates well with agency staff and is committed to being onsite and available throughout the project. Solid connections and open communication lead to a tailored project approach, a collaborative process, and a successful project that works for the long haul.

FEEL FREE TO PICK OUR BRAINS: Unique challenges and objectives require unique solutions, which is why each member of the treatment group is a specialist who provides our clients with the technical know-how they need to tackle tough tasks. Clients who need a creative solution for odor control? We’ll make sure to include Miaomiao Zhang or Mark Cummings. How about biological phosphorus removal? Craig Anderson and Jason Flowers are at the ready.

LEAN ON OUR LESSONS LEARNED: Senior staff are included on all projects in the role of principal-in-charge, technical advisor, or QA/QC to provide the team with guidance and ensure quality. They draw on their many “lessons learned” and time-tested solutions to help the team anticipate and avoid problems and pitfalls, during the project delivery process and through construction, start-up and operation.

Interested in seeing how our team is collaborating with clients on treatment facilities? Stay tuned over the next few months to explore some of our favorite projects, meet the treatment team, and perhaps pick up some proven methods for success.

In the meantime, the treatment team is still looking for a few experts to join us! Check out our careers page and learn more about our current openings.