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Congratulations to Randy Stark on His Retirement!

After eight years with Murraysmith and a 26-year career in both the public and private sectors, we are excited to share that Randy Stark is retiring! Randy has been a valuable mentor to our younger staff, particularly when it comes to ADA work. He has been a keystone of our ADA scoping and training program for ODOT.  In fact, he spent several months in the field taking inventory of approximately 6,000 curb ramps throughout Oregon!

This next chapter in his life holds relaxation at his new beach house, including home improvement projects, art and music, volunteering, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits.

Some words from Randy about his time here,

When I started here over eight years ago, Murraysmith was beginning a transition from a more “old school” type of engineering firm to a progressive organization focused on quality work (as before), employee experience and retention, and becoming a contemporary organization and leader in a competitive field. Imagine taking off straight-laced, high-button shoes and slipping on comfortable sneakers! I am so impressed by the positive organizational changes I have seen during my time at Murraysmith. I’ll always remember the day I saw Kevin Thelin wearing jeans and NO tie!

There is so much opportunity for professional and personal growth at Murraysmith. After traveling around the state of Oregon evaluating curb ramps for ODOT, my team was tapped to become trainers for ODOT and to teach construction inspectors and contractors the ODOT standards for new curb ramps. Not having a lot of experience speaking in front of an audience, the first time leading a training session I was naturally nervous, but since the initial trainee group was only around 20 people I thought I could survive the first day okay.  Well, a morning snowstorm cancelled the morning training session, and all the morning trainees were joined with the afternoon group, so I was faced with educating a roomful of almost 50 people my first time! I survived (barely), and went on to feel much more confident as a trainer over time. I learned that if I know the material, and prepare, I can get through challenges I had never considered before. Thanks, Murraysmith.”

We’re so grateful we got celebrate his retirement with him. We’ll miss having his calm presence and positive attitude around. Enjoy your next adventure, Randy!