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Staff Spotlight – Cat Madayag

Cat Madayag, our long-time senior marketing coordinator, is a staff favorite of everyone in the Rancho Cordova office. For 18 years, Cat has been committed to supporting our team and nimbly helping run marketing operations dating back to Quincy’s early days. Whenever times seem chaotic in the marketing department, Cat never fails to remain calm and efficiently deliver what needs to get done. We’re thankful for Cat, his witty sense of humor, positive attitude, and depth of experience. We look forward to his bright personality and impressive work ethic supporting our team for many more years to come!

Cat, though quiet and seemingly unflappable, is a fantastic marketing coordinator who excels at delivering under constant pressure. He is able to stay cool and collected during those hectic marketing pushes and does a great job at managing the different personalities that marketing has to navigate. He always makes his deadlines even if those working with him do not make their deadline. In fact, he is much more patient and accommodating than he should be, which is a reflection of his character.”

– Jason Jurrens, CA Transportation Discipline Manager

In 2002, the entire marketing department consisted of me and my supervisor, with Steve Mellon heading up the department. The two of us worked on approximately 100 submittals a year. Granted, some of those were no-go’s, it was a good amount of work for two people. The company itself only employed about 40 or so people at the time.

When I started working at Quincy, I was just a few years removed from photos being glued to paper printouts if you wanted graphic elements in your submittals. By the time I came onboard, we used primarily Microsoft Word and Excel. I remember working in QuarkXPress and PageMaker (before PageMaker became InDesign) as we tried to standardize those programs for the marketing department. But that didn’t get any traction because Word was the most convenient for the team. For the past few years, though, working in InDesign has been a phenomenal and welcome change.

I look forward to seeing what it’s like to work as part of a national company, now that we have joined forces with CONSOR. I’ve already seen so much growth from those early days and to where we are now merged with Murraysmith. I hope that we maintain that “family” feeling as we continue to grow.

I love rebuilding and collecting vintage BMX bikes from the 70s and early 80s. Tracking down hard-to-find parts and then wrenching them together reminds me of a simpler time of being a kid, and that helps keep me young.