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Staff Spotlight – David Stangel

It’s safe to say that with more than 25 years of experience, 14 of which have been with Murraysmith + Quincy, David Stangel is an accomplished engineer who is passionate about what he does. During his tenure at the company, he has served in a number of roles, including office lead, regional manager, HR Director, and COO. He is now focused exclusively on supporting the growth of our water business. An exciting undertaking, David has been working with the CONSOR water staff in Arizona, Texas, and Florida over the last few months. This effort furthers our integration to work even more seamlessly across the country.

With more than 100 projects under his belt, he brings water and wastewater system master planning and hydraulic modeling expertise that he leverages to mentor the next generation of industry professionals and guide the team to success.

If I had to explain working with David in one phrase, it would be that he sets high standards—for himself and everyone around him. One of David’s strengths is his ability to equivalently perceive and care about individual details and the big picture. This skill worked well in his technical planning background and has carried forward into his present corporate operations roles.

– LaDonne Harris, Civil Engineer

My first big success was Dennis Galinato, Craig Anderson, and myself striking out on our own to open the Boise office in 2007. Those were challenging times to get a business off the ground as the recession hit. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to grow the business, which focused on hiring the right people and convincing clients we were the team to support them. I am very proud of that accomplishment, and the memories of those early years are some of my favorites.

I am passionate about helping our team grow a national practice in water. This will allow us to continue to provide growth opportunities to our staff, increase our technical competencies by hiring more specialists, and work on bigger and more complex projects across the nation. I continue to be engaged in several water/wastewater master planning projects and very much enjoy getting to work closely with our talented staff to help our clients solve their technical challenges. I have built many rewarding client relationships over my career and maintaining those are very important to me.

We have built something special at Murraysmith + Quincy. We approach everything we do as a collaborative team, allowing everyone from the technical experts to engineering interns to have a seat at the table. The mix of perspectives and talents allows us to work with our clients to find optimal solutions. CONSOR shares these qualities and perspective on how to be successful. I hope we all bring together our unique strengths over the coming year to build a stronger firm together and grow our expertise. I’m especially invested in seeing the development of our national water practice.

This is probably not as closely held of a secret anymore, but I have a fairly narrow range of musical taste focusing on 80s alternative rock. I have seen Depeche Mode in concert well over 10 times.