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Staff Spotlight – Ian Machan

In the short two and a half years since Ian Machan began serving as our firmwide Director of Construction Management, he has grown the team from just a handful of individuals supporting construction on our design projects to a powerhouse team of 40 construction professionals working on complex projects across our geographies. Ian’s 20-year career in construction management has covered projects that span all our disciplines—water, wastewater, stormwater, and transportation. In addition to being a first-rate project manager, Ian brings deep experience in alternative delivery, constructability, and scheduling/sequencing. With Ian’s leadership aptitude and zeal for problem solving, he is primed to guide the success of our business in the Western United States for years to come. And for anyone who’s had the opportunity to work closely with him will tell you, Ian is a passionate, strategic-thinking teammate who always looks for ways to play to others’ strengths.

In working with Ian over the last five years in construction management, I have seen him demonstrate steady leadership. Ian is always there to answer a question and give advice on a project, while also encouraging his team members to stretch outside of their comfort zones. Ian’s work ethic, knowledge, and client-focused perspective is a true asset to this company. It has been awesome watching the construction management team grow and thrive under his leadership.”

– Eric Levison, Project Manager, Construction Management

I followed in my dad’s footsteps when I chose a career in engineering (he’s a geotechnical engineer). One year out of school, I found myself in a stressful situation leading a preconstruction meeting for an ODOT project with complex geotechnical issues. One of the key meeting attendees was my dad, and here I am 23 years old as the one in charge of the meeting. It seems silly now remembering how stressed out I was for that meeting, but the relief and pride I felt after the ODOT project manager complimented me (in front of my dad) after the meeting made all the nerves worth it.

As a kid I was ultra-competitive in anything I did, whether that was soccer, a board game, or just about anything else. That competitive side of me has calmed down over the years, but I still love competing (and ideally winning!). Whether that’s a strategic project pursuit, recruiting top-tier staff, or beating Kevin Thelin’s transportation team in a chargeability challenge, I enjoy the feeling of being pushed to succeed.

We have all seen how our company has grown and changed over the past several years. I’m looking forward to a focus on strategic integration both throughout our West Region and into the greater CONSOR organization. I’m motivated to see our vision and brand evolve over time as we continue to grow toward the goal of one cohesive company. And most importantly, I just can’t wait to have everyone back in the office again!

I have never been one to look for a spotlight, so 15 minutes of fame to me would likely come in a more muted fashion. I’d probably use it as an opportunity to highlight my family. My wife is an incredible person and I’d want to give her the credit.