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Staff Spotlight – Jared Cloud

Meet Jared Cloud! Jared is an engineering designer with 15 years of experience in water/wastewater design for municipal, industrial, mining and oil and gas clients. A standout on our CAD team, Jared brings expertise in 3D mechanical modeling of water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, and much more. While his home office is in Louisville, Colorado, Jared has worked on projects both nationwide and around the world. With just over a year as part of the Murraysmith + Quincy team, he has already worked with diverse groups across our western geographies, from Southern California, up into the Puget Sound in Washington, and over into Idaho and Colorado. Jared has a passion for design and is driven by working collaboratively to solve tricky engineering problems.

Jared makes any design come to life using an array of 3D modeling tools like Autodesk MEP and Navisworks, just to name a couple. With over 15 years of experience working in the industry, he brings a natural leadership and confidence to any design team he is a part of, especially when it comes to bringing the right level of value to meet our client’s unique design needs. I really appreciate his positive attitude and flexibility to jump in and solve any kind of challenge that comes his way. You will often hear him say, ‘It’s all good man, I will take care of that for you.’”

– Matt Estep, CAD Manager

I’ve always had a passion for the arts, specifically drawing. After high school, I got into a drafting and design program. I ended up working for a small firm who did water/wastewater and fell in love with the mechanical side of the design. I’ve been doing it for many different clients and projects of various sizes ever since. If I had to pick a favorite design, I would have to say the larger the facility the better. Projects that require lots of intricate pipe routing are by far my favorite because of how challenging they can be. They require lots of coordination, communication, and teamwork!

I get a lot of my motivation from the team I work with and projects I work on. It’s not always perfect, but working with a fun team that has good communication and coordination is key for me. A great team can make any project fun and exciting to work on!

My hope for the company’s future is to grow and be successful. That’s probably cliché to say, it’s what everyone wants. I have been through other acquisitions, and I have seen others go through them. My experience has always been good. You must look at the positives and be willing to adapt. Since Murraysmith + Quincy joined forces with CONSOR, we are now at a national level and have more and more opportunities every day.

That’s a hard question because I feel like I am an open book! I love to build things. I have spent the past few years building our basement, which is about 95% complete! I love Disney World and Mickey Mouse, in fact, I built a Mickey wall in my basement that you walk through. It separates our Mickey room and our 80s themed game room.