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Staff Spotlight – Jay Hedberg

Jay is no stranger to the world of construction management—his experience spans working as a construction contractor, field inspector, and now construction manager leading teams of inspectors and subconsultants for projects ranging in size and complexity. No matter the project, what remains consistent is Jay’s ability to effectively define, develop, and implement targeted action plans to maximize productivity and efficiency. He facilitates smooth communication between clients and staff and expedites workflow to safely meet schedule demands.

The energy Jay brings is palpable to everyone he works with. Because Jay left the construction contractor world to join Murraysmith’s CM group, I was intrigued to see how he would fit in. He was engaged immediately, faced challenges head-on, and was quickly viewed as a leader by our team and clients. Jay’s intensity and efficiency set a tone for others, and his role in building our CM practice has been vital to our success.”

– Ian Machan, Principal Engineer & CM Discipline Lead

When I graduated from the University of Portland with degree in mechanical engineering, I attended a design fair that featured different engineering and construction firms. The one that caught my eye and got me the most excited was a nationwide construction contractor. They had recently been building projects in the Portland Metro Area, some of which were high profile and I had seen in my community. I jumped right into construction and wanted to be a part of how things are built, especially the large-footprint, complex projects that have a big impact on people’s daily lives, including how they move around the city. That is pretty much how I got into construction—I wanted to know how and why things were built and watch the process of a project go from paper to 3D physical construction.

I have several projects currently in progress for different clients. From transportation projects such as road widenings, new ADA construction, and pavement rehabilitation to waterline, pump station, and reservoir renovation and installation. The most exciting part is that all construction projects are unique because they always have different challenges depending on the client, public impact, and even the construction team you are working with. It makes the day go by fast when I can focus on tackling each of these unique challenges—it never gets monotonous! I also like talking to people, which makes construction management a good fit for me, since you must communicate with lots of different individuals, whether it is our clients, the contractors, or impacted residents.

The CM group is relatively new to Murraysmith + Quincy, really taking shape in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest Washington over the last three years. I am excited for our recent partnership with CONSOR. Coming from a construction management perspective, this really helps our team grow, especially establishing a footprint in new regions. CONSOR has a big presence in Texas, Florida, and Colorado, and I would like to see us continue to grow into other regions. Expanding our construction management influence in California and the Puget Sound would also allow us to support many of the clients we regularly work with on the design side. I look forward to seeing how we grow across the West Coast, as joining forces with CONSOR has opened even more doors for us in the future.

I was a classically trained pianist, which started when I was five or six. I played and had lessons all the way through high school. My mom was both a protégée on the accordion and a piano teacher, so it allowed me to have one-on-one daily lessons. Granted, I am not that great anymore, but I was definitely pretty good 15-20 years ago. Did I mention that I really like to karaoke too?