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Staff Spotlight – Karen Tatman

Karen Tatman is a shining presence at Murraysmith + Quincy who exudes leadership acumen and transportation engineering expertise. Based out of our office in Salem, Oregon, she is a principal engineer with 35 years of diverse project experience ranging from small rural roads to major interstates and highways. Karen is also actively involved in the Oregon’s chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), where she served as president of the board of directors from 2016-2017–only the second woman in the organization’s 60-year history to have served in this role. A highly respected figure across the firm, her professionalism is matched by her genuine care for everyone on her team. We’re happy to have her as a mentor and a friend!

I’ve worked alongside Karen for almost 14 years and can’t say enough good things about her. She’s highly experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of transportation projects, and has a calm, professional demeanor in dealing with difficult project teams (and they are ALL difficult in some aspects, especially when I’m on the team). As a manager, she treats us all with respect, lets us do our jobs, and will always take the time to help solve a problem when asked. I can’t begin to list all the things I’ve learned from Karen, from design issues, to specs, to project management, to client relations. To top it off, she’s a great sounding board for all things personal and professional, and gives good advice when asked.”

– Russ Norton, Senior Project Manager

During my first year of college. I started college as a math major with the intent of teaching math. My father, an electrical engineer, guided me into an engineering degree. A great decision.

Hands down, the I-205: I-5 – OR213 project that will ultimately widen I-205 to six lanes. We are working to deliver the first construction contract now to widen and seismically retrofit the Abernethy Bridge over the Willamette River. This is the largest, most complex and politically engaged project I’ve worked on. Every member of the Salem team, as well as another 20 to 25 people in Rancho Cordova and Portland, have worked on or are working to deliver this project. Herding cats? Not with this A+ team.

We are currently a team of 18 roadway and bridge designers. My hope is to continue focusing on supporting this great group and adding key hires who bring technical skills and a positive mindset. We can teach what we do, but growth relies on finding great people who enhance the team.

I marched in the Pasadena Rose Parade with my high school band. My band had traveled from the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland to compete in the Rose Festival parade and the field show competitions. We won both. That led to the Rose Parade invitation. I played flute.