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Terry Song Receives APWA Oregon Chapter Bowes Award

Congratulations are in order—Terry Song received the American Public Works Association (APWA) Oregon Chapter William A. Bowes Award! This award typically occurs at the Chapter’s fall conference, but this year it was presented at a stand-alone event on March 1 in his honor. Check out the APWA newsletter, which highlights the many reasons Terry’s involvement in the organization makes him so deserving of this recognition.

Terry receiving Bowes Award from Tony Roos, Board President, and Delora Kerber, 2019 Bowes Award Recipient.

This annual award is presented to a leader who has positively impacted public works programs, services, or policies, and contributed to the success of the APWA Oregon Chapter. Terry, a principal engineer in our transportation group, was selected this year due to his dedication to the organization and his efforts to serve our communities through both his work and volunteer activities.

Since 2000, Terry has been actively involved in the Oregon Chapter, serving as Chair of the Transportation Committee, member on the Board of Directors, Chapter Treasurer, President-elect, and Chapter President over the years. He has also served as a Scholastic Foundation Board Director and is currently the Foundation’s President.

Terry has consistently advocated for students, representing the organization at student conferences, promoting Oregon Chapter scholarships, and helping launch the new APWA/APAO (Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon) scholarships.

Receiving the William A. Bowes award is a great honor. Because of COVID limitations, Delora Kerber, Tony Roos, Krey Younger, and Troy Bowers presented it to me outside my home, which exemplifies the spirit of the APWA Oregon Chapter. It was another example of how our members go above and beyond to serve their communities. The award reminded me of the great teamwork we have had on conference committees, technical committees, and the Chapter and Foundation Boards. I am especially honored to follow Delora and Nikki Messenger as recipients. Thank you to the Chapter for all the opportunities it has provided.” – Terry Song