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Two Reasons Construction Manager Leland Mason Loves His Job (Did We Mention We’re Hiring?)

Recently we asked one of our construction management experts, Leland Mason—18 years with Quincy and going strong—what he loves most about his job. Here are the top two reasons he loves working in CM at Quincy:


“For a construction manager at Quincy, every day is different. One day, you’re working on a project like County of Merced’s Campus Parkway, navigating tough technical challenges and doing night work to accommodate traffic. A few days later, you’re enjoying the quiet solitude of California’s remote Alpine County, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Range just south of Lake Tahoe. I love that there is so much variety in what we do day to day.”

Wolf Creek Bridge is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Range, just south of Lake Tahoe in Alpine County.
Quincy Engineering, as a member of the construction management team led by NV5, is providing bridge support services for this $90 million project.
Seeing Projects Come to Life

“One of my favorite parts of my job is driving down the road and seeing the projects I’ve worked on come to life. Much to my wife and daughter’s chagrin, I never tire of pointing out what I’ve worked on wherever we go. Even though I didn’t swing a hammer or operate the crane, knowing I was part of the team that built important transportation infrastructure that’s going to be around for 100 years and help people get around town gives me a great deal of pride.”

International Drive in Rancho Cordova is just ten minutes from our local office. Our CM team loved knowing that this new roadway extension and bridge project, where we provided construction administration and inspection services, not only had an impact on them as professional engineers working on the project, but also on their neighbors, friends, and community at large.

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