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What We Do


Our transportation design and construction management experience ranges from small-scale city engineering and local agency assignments to multi-million-dollar, federally funded freeway projects.



Since Murraysmith’s founding, our engineers have been regional leaders in water system engineering for the communities we live in.



From small diameter sewer collection systems to multi-million-dollar wastewater treatment plants, Murraysmith has assisted communities in all aspects of wastewater system planning and design.



Murraysmith provides wide-ranging stormwater services to public agencies, spanning the project’s life cycle from master planning through operations and maintenance.


Approach To Projects
Science, and Art, of Delivering Quality

Our engineers have dedicated their careers to mastering the science, and art, of delivering quality.

Much like the honored tradition of a blacksmith, goldsmith, or alesmith, we are Murraysmith. Our projects are handcrafted; Plans and designs are built by understanding what’s important to you, listening to your input, and customizing our services to meet your goals.

That’s craft engineering. That’s Murraysmith.

We Make It Happen

Excellent client service. No, really. For us, it’s not just a marketing strategy; it’s a mindset embedded in our DNA. It’s personal. We see our client’s challenges as our own and work as an extension of their staff. The first question we always ask ourselves is how we can achieve the best results for our clients. Then, we get it done.

Our Work Goes on the Fridge

We don’t compromise on quality. From the smallest curb ramp detail to a 50-year regional water supply study, our sharp eye for details provides results that clients, operators, contractors, and the public can trust. Even if Mom doesn’t understand what we do for a living, she knows quality, and is proud to post our work on the fridge.