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Downtown Streetscape Phase 2 Improvements
City of Sherwood, OR

Sherwood started a downtown revitalization plan to enhance the area roughly 30 years after the newest building had been constructed. The City desired to have a place that would encourage people to travel downtown from surrounding neighborhoods. The final redevelopment project, the Downtown Streetscape Phase 2 Improvements, completely reconstructed and transformed the last three downtown blocks. The City hired Murraysmith to complete the streetscape designs, ensure seamless integration with the previous phase designs, and conduct full construction management.


Murraysmith brought a fresh perspective to the concept established in Phase 1 which featured a “curbless” layout. Our engineers pointed out that although the curbless layout from Phase 1 was a great common space feature, it fell short in being able to capture stormwater which regularly ponded in multiple areas. In Phase 2, Murraysmith engineers fine-tuned their designs and used low profile curbs with street and sidewalk elevations graded to within one-hundredth of a foot to successfully address the drainage issues.

Partnering with the City, the Murraysmith team engaged public stakeholders from start to finish, ensuring that designs directly addressed feedback and minimized disruption to local businesses. The new downtown area has wider sidewalks for pedestrians and for businesses to provide outdoor seating and beautiful alleys used to host events, creating vibrant and safe environment for the residents and visitors to enjoy.


Project Highlights

  • Street reconstruction
  • Wider sidewalks for pedestrians
  • Street lighting
  • Streetscape amenities
  • Regular citizen involvement to minimize disruption
  • Storm sewer design
  • Sanitary sewer rehabilitation
  • Utility coordination
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