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Paradise Point Raw Water Transmission Main
Clark Public Utilities

Clark Public Utilities (CPU) is continuing the process of expanding its service area to provide dependable and high-quality water to both its current and future customers in Clark County. CPU is currently developing the Paradise Point Water Supply System, a multi-phase regional groundwater supply project, designed to serve as the key supply facility, meeting the demand for water from the growing communities in north Clark County.

Phase 1 of this project includes design and construction of approximately 5,000 feet of parallel 24-inch diameter raw water transmission main and 8-inch diameter backwash pipeline from the Paradise Point Wellfield through Paradise Point State Park.  Murraysmith led design and construction of the raw water transmission main horizontal directional drill crossing of the East Fork Lewis River and open trench water line construction through Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) right of way.


Phase 3 includes the design and construction of approximately 3,700 feet of 24-inch diameter raw water transmission main and 8-inch diameter backwash pipeline. Phase 3 also includes the installation of approximately 2,800 feet of 4-inch diameter finished water distribution main to the Park and 1,300 feet of 24-inch diameter finish water transmission main from the water treatment plant site to NW LaCenter Road.

This phased approach will help ensure a new potable water supply will be available by 2018. The overall project will contribute to growth and economic vitality of northern Clark County.


Project Highlights

  • Horizontal directional drill crossing
  • Open trench construction
  • WSDOT coordination
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