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Springwater Trail: Rugg Road to Dee Street
ODOT/Clackamas County, OR

The Springwater Corridor has statewide significance, as it provides commuters and recreationalists a way to travel from the southeast Portland suburban area to downtown. The trail is over 21 miles long, and crisscrosses Johnson Creek, one of the last free-flowing streams in Portland’s urban area. The scenic path is well separated from public roads and accommodates bikers, walkers, joggers, hikers, wheelchairs, strollers, and equestrians. Much of the corridor was acquired by the City of Portland in 1990, and segment improvements have continued since 1996. In 2011, a critical 2.2-mile section of the trail near the town of Boring was still a simple dirt path that turned to a muddy mess during rainy months.


Clackamas County and ODOT hired Murraysmith to perform trail design, environmental coordination and permitting, structural evaluation and retrofit of an existing railroad bridge crossing, trail/road crossing improvements, drainage improvements, landscape design, and construction administration and inspection.

What used to be an unusable muddy segment of the trail is now a 10- to 12-foot-wide hard surface pathway with 2- to 4-foot-wide gravel shoulders that accommodates all trail users, and enables stormwater runoff.  This project not only opened the trail to more users, but enhanced the travelers’ experience along the way.

The Amercian Hiking Society designates the first Saturday in June each year as National Trails Day. To learn more, visit:


Project Highlights

  • 2.2 miles of pathway and gravel shoulders
  • Increased safety
  • Improved trail drainage
  • Added trail destination and guide signs
  • Minimized major impacts to wetlands and avoided impacts to Badger Creek
  • Multiple-agency coordination
  • Existing railroad bridge rehabilitation
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