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Zak Toledo Joins Murraysmith To Help Us Make 2020 Our Best Year Yet

Zak Toledo Joins Murraysmith To Help Us Make 2020 Our Best Year Yet

You may have noticed that Murraysmith has welcomed quite a few new faces recently. In fact, between numerous new hires and joining forces with Quincy Engineering and Aqualyze last year, we’ve expanded to a staff of almost 280 people spread over 18 offices!

This year we’re enthusiastic about leveraging the energy of our growing team to continue asking ourselves how we can provide even better service—for our clients, our partners, and our co-workers. What systems can we refine to continue providing top-notch project management to our clients? How can we encourage and support our technical team in pursuing the latest methodologies that will save communities time and resources? What processes can we put in place to streamline our day-to-day tasks so we can carve out more time for doing the work that makes us want to jump out of bed in the morning? How can we create a more inclusive workplace to support more diversity in our staff?

These are the questions our newest team member, Zak Toledo, is passionate about asking and, more importantly, finding the answers to.

Zak brings more than 15 years of experience to Murraysmith. Beginning his career as a regulatory specialist, Zak’s penchant for strategic thinking led him into marketing and eventually on to serve as a professional services director in the water sector of a large engineering firm. In his recent role as an operations manager, Zak was responsible for leading a $50M engineering program (transport, water, power, etc.) with over 200 staff.

In addition to his impressive career path, Zak boasts a B.S. and M.S. in Fisheries Science from Oregon State University, as well as experience working as a biologist in both the public and private sectors. This varied professional history has given Zak a unique perspective that makes him particularly gifted at understanding both the consultant and client perspective—an invaluable quality in developing meaningful relationships.

Wherever Zak has landed, his positivity, empathy, communication skills, and leadership have helped spur growth and excellence. We’re thrilled to welcome Zak to our Discipline Manager team as a strategic pursuit lead. Zak will lend his skills across the company, supporting new initiatives and corporate activities, including recruiting, mentorship, CSR, and more.

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